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My Thoughts: The Second Presidential Debate

As Jill Stein said last night, “This was not a good use of viewers’ time and certainly makes a mockery of what a discussion should be.”

My Thoughts: The Vice Presidential Debate

Like Ajamu Baraka said last night, people have a hard time trusting these candidates and their running mates because, "we have silly bickering as opposed to getting to the issues of the debate."

This Funny Video Restores My Faith in YouTube Vloggers

Although some of this video was exaggerated for comedic effect, it made me think deeply about what kind of president Hillary Clinton would be.

My Thoughts: The First Presidential Debate

Well, well, well...Hillary Clinton won.

So, I’m Voting for Jill Stein

Welcome to the Unpopular Politics Blog! The title of this post explains why I named my blog what I did. I've always classified myself as a Democrat, but this being a unique election cycle, I chose to go a different route.... Continue Reading →

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