It’s creepy that Amazon Echo and Google Home are always listening and recording. However, recording and monitoring are already happening with cellphones and apps, laptops, tablets, etc. Although the Echo seems like a cool gadget (I discovered it while watching Mr. Robot), now that it is trying to be used to convict a suspected murderer, it’s losing its sparkle. It’s unfair that because the police can’t gather enough evidence on their own, they are leaning on the Echo’s recording to do so. This immediately reminded me of how police try to make journalists reveal their sources when they fall short of evidence. Also, criminal hackers can get access to these recordings too. Crazy. I am happy that Amazon lawyers are refusing to comply.  I am just learning of Snapchat not actually deleting photos, but hiding them from creators/users. And corporations are being vague and secretive about revealing what these devices are actually doing. We just can’t trust anything anymore,, especially with Trump’s Administration. Sadly, there are few ways to prevent it.

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