The Merger

What’s happening?

AT&T agreed to purchase Time Warner for $85 billion giving AT&T control over Time Warner’s channels such as CNN, TNT, and HBO, as well as Warner Bros film and TV. Yikes. The fact that one company could control all of this is certainly concerning.

Who’s affected?

TV and film watchers. This could, and most likely will, lead to higher prices for consumers. This could also allow AT&T to favor streaming video from Time Warner’s company over other companies/channels, thus violating net neutrality.

The Spying

The Daily Beast reported that AT&T has been spying on Americans for profit with a secret plan called Project Hemisphere, with some records going as far back as 1987. It has been keeping phone call, skype call, and text message logs/records…and then sells them to authorities investigating the war on drugs and Medicaid fraud. Authorities have been paying more than $1 million a year, each, for access to these records.


Overall, both of these topics involving AT&T are very unfair and concerning. Hopefully both will be stopped soon.

Let me know what you think of the merger and Project Hemisphere. Leave a comment below!