I discovered this video yesterday and I have to say I’m not completely surprised! Politicians, in this case Hillary Clinton, publicly say they support the expansion of Planned Parenthood in low income communities and for women of color and it sounds great. It sounds like they care. But in this case, they/she don’t. In this video, Clinton said she admires and respects Margaret Sanger and my first reaction was to give Clinton the benefit of the doubt because maybe she didn’t know about Sanger’s racism at the time, but then I quickly snapped out of it because Clinton knows what she’s doing, but she hopes people are too stupid to catch on.

“I’m in awe of [Sanger] and there are a lot of lessons that we can learn from her,” Clinton said.

For her to admire Sanger, accept an award in her name, and then go on acting as if she cares about black people and the struggles they face is truly deplorable. But the thing is, she’s not even good at lying and every time I turn around, with little effort, I uncover another lie she has told. With all of her “connections”, one would think she’d be better at the cover up.

If this election cycle has taught me anything it has taught me not to hear what sounds good as having pure and good intentions. Still, this video is heartbreaking. I’ve included another explanatory video here:

Please watch these videos, tell me what your thoughts, and leave a comment below!