The Winner

Jill Stein. Neither popular candidate deserves a win. The petty bickering, question evasion, and “name dropping” was unbearable last night.

Debate Analysis

The debate began with Donald Trump looking and sounding sad and defeated and Hillary Clinton with her standard impersonal demeanor, but as the debate went on their demeanors changed. Clinton really tried to connect with the question asker by walking closer to them and looking at the directly. However, what came out of her mouth wasn’t as relatable as she tried to be. Clinton name dropped several prominent black people last night (Michelle Obama, Muhammad Ali, Oprah), I guess in an effort to seem “in” with the black community. I didn’t fall for it. Trump continued to refer to black people as “The African Americans” and obviously he didn’t put much effort into “getting in” with black people. Trump dismissing his horrible recently-released comments about women as “locker room talk” and swiftly tried to move the conversation to ISIS. But as despicable as Trump is, at least he answered questions honestly last night (taxes, sexual assault comments, saying Clinton is all talk and no action), Clinton will lie depending on her audience. Climate change was squeezed in at the very last moment and both Trump and Clinton has stupid answers. Trump blaming the EPA and Clinton saying “this is important” but not much else.

Jill Stein

Jill Stein responded to the debate over on Democracy Now! Thank God for that. The decision to not include her is absurd. At least she didn’t get arrested for being in St. Louis, this time around.  As Stein said, “This was not a good use of viewers’ time and certainly makes a mockery of what a discussion should be.”

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