The Winner

Ajamu Baraka!!! He was the only one who answered the questions thoroughly and who I agreed with the most. Out of the two popular political parties, Republican Mike Pence won this debate. Overall, Pence presented his opinions on the debate while remaining calm and answering passionately. Although I agreed more with Democrat Tim Kaine, his inability to remain mature and composed really annoyed me and it didn’t work to persuade me. I was also surprised at how I understood and agreed with some Pence’s comments on terrorism, specifically homegrown terrorism.

Debate Analysis

This debate was easier to follow than the presidential debate in September. However, I noticed that the roles were switched – Tim Kaine behaving like an “interrupting Donald Trump” and Pence remaining calm and making fun of Kaine’s behavior. According to Kaine, Clinton’s passion is why people should trust her. C’mon, that’s ridiculous! Kaine went on to mostly point out, in an erratic way, that Trump has an “insult-driven” campaign and is hateful. Since this in no surprise to anyone, it would’ve been nice to have Kaine focus on something else instead of using scare tactics loosely quoting Maya Angelou by saying, “[Trump’s] showing you WHO HE IS.” I really liked Kaine’s example about how he struggled with supporting the death penalty while in office because of his religion. I was also surprised at how I genuinely understood some Pence’s comments on terrorism, specifically homegrown terrorism. Kaine tried to sell the lie that terrorism is decreasing. Wrong!

It shouldn’t be this hard to convince people to vote for someone who is up against this huge “villain”, yet because Kaine and Clinton are struggling, that’s a huge reason why I’m not convinced and why I’m not voting for them! I appreciate that Ajamu Baraka was featured live on Democracy Now! to present his answers to the debate questions. I’m sad that I didn’t know Democracy Now! did that during the first presidential debate, but I will watch them simultaneously on Sunday for the second presidential debate. Like Baraka said last night, people have a hard time trusting these candidates and their running mates because, “we have silly bickering as opposed to getting to the issues of the debate.” What about addressing climate change? How about addressing renewable energy?

Also, I felt that  Elaine Quijano was so obviously a Clinton supporter and it annoyed me to witness her not even care about remaining objective. Even though I didn’t think that this debate would persuade me to vote for Clinton or Trump, it made me even more confident in my decision to join and vote for the Green Party and the #SteinBarakaAdministration