So I just saw this beautiful gem of a video and although it made me laugh uncontrollably, it was so real:

Thank you Jenna Marbles! Comedy made the issues she acted out not so infuriating (at the time I watched this). And it’s definitely a bold move for her to post this with her huge following.

Hillary Clinton thinks we’re stupid, but we aren’t. And although some of this video was exaggerated for comedic effect (Hillary interrupting a DVD, offline games, etc.), it made me really think of what kind of president she would be. I just don’t think she’d be a fair one. And perhaps something wouldn’t be extremely exaggerated any more after all…I mean I do think that right now she’s silencing those who speak out against. She’s so desperate to be president that, of course, she’d block some keywords.

Vote on November 8! Vote for who you think would be best suited to run the country. Period.