debate-1The Winner

Hillary Clinton. Her silence made her look sane and that was her biggest strength. Trump claiming that he has a, “much better temperament…a winning temperament,” was laughable.

Those Left Out

The Presidential Debate wasn’t a fair one. The fact that Gary Johnson and Jill Stein weren’t on that stage is really upsetting. With two of the least-liked candidates in history representing the two most popular parties, there should have been room for Johnson and Stein.

I have only been allowed to vote in one election cycle prior to this, so admittedly, it didn’t bother me that the libertarian and green parties weren’t represented  during major debates before. Because I was so new to the election process, a lot didn’t bother me. But now, it disgusts me.

Opening Statements

During the opening statements, Donald Trump mentioned  Hillary’s experience (obviously intimidated), how she has been doing this for 30 years and how, “jobs are being stolen.” Hillary Clinton mentioned how Bill is great at economics,  how she’s against the wealthy, and how the country will get better. Honestly, Donald Trump got the most laughs, he is a comedian! This is no surprise. He has no filter. Trump said that it’s time we had someone who runs the country who knows about MONEY. How about we have someone run the country who knows about MORALS.

Also Hillary Clinton, it’s not about who is also lying. I know that Donald Trump is a liar too. Two wrongs don’t make it right. Period. It’s a damn shame that Hillary Clinton can barely be more likable than the biggest villain. Yes, tonight Hillary Clinton admitted that her email scandal was a mistake. But for me, it’s a little too late and there are so many other “mistakes,” that she hasn’t been accountable for.

Ultimately, Donald Trump started out strong, but couldn’t hold on.

“The Race Issue”

Donald Trump said that, “stop and frisk” was constitutional. He also said cities where he has investments are worth having “policing” in. Wrong. Hillary Clinton said that Black and Latino men are more likely to get arrested and are victims of systemic racism, but didn’t denounce “stop and risk.” Wrong.


“We’re making progress,” Clinton said, “We’re hoping that within a year we’ll be able to push ISIS out of Iraq.”

Trump said that Russia’s president is a, “strong leader,” and that was not a smart thing to do being that Russia have been notorious hackers after the United States and he’s running for President of the United States.

What’s Next…

Overall, Hillary Clinton really relied on “the fact checkers” to help her win this debate. She barely skated by, but because Donald Trump was so immature that she was able to win. Trump attacked the media and that was ignorant. However, Hillary Clinton bribing the media to support her isn’t ethical. Next up is the Vice Presidential Debate on October 4. Can Ajamu Baraka speak? Can William Weld speak? Of course not. View the full debate schedule here.

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